Zebry A Mit Laumės

Zebry a Mit is a band with the following members: Kamil Szuszkiewicz (Pro-fesjonalizm, Kapacitron), Wojtek Traczyk (Warszawskie Combo Taneczne, Gaba Kulka), Hubert Zemler (Slalom, Babadag, Piętnastka) and once Piotr Dąbrowski (Warsaw Improvisers Orchestra) / now Olgierd Dokalski (kIRk). Their first mini-album called 16′ 25 and released by Lado ABC in 2015 was enthusiastically received by listeners. Two years later, the band returns with a new full-length album, new members and a new concept of music, inspired by traditional Lithuanian songs.

„Sutartinės are traditional songs from several parts of Lithuania. Really very old, so they sound modern. There are also instrumental versions. Both beautiful and deep. We don’t perform them on this album.

I wanted to experience the elements and rules, the material, the context, in general – as much as possible – and then, using the same solutions and phrases, create new music that derives from sutartinės.

Laumės are Oldolithic goddesses who came down to Earth because they pitied us. They took care of orphans. They were friendly and good to us, but cruel to the dishonest. I thought it was worth recalling them.”

Kamil Szuszkiewicz

Laumės was recorded with:
Kamil Szuszkiewicz – trumpet
Olgierd Dokalski – trumpet
Hubert Zemler – drums, metallophone
Wojtek Traczyk – bass guitar

Music written and produced by Kamil Szuszkiewicz
Recorded by Jakub Tyro-Niezgoda
Mixed and mastered by Piotr Zabrodzki
Cover design by Dorota Kidziak

Writing the music and previous research on sutartinės has been made possible through a scholarship from The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland.

All rights reserved
Kamil Szuszkiewicz & Kaiser Söze Foundation 2017

Released August 31, 2017