Wojtek Traczyk’s album ‘Runo’ is the second solo double bass album in our catalogue. This information is important because the author’s creative notion in the preparation of the instrument can cause the listener to have great doubts about the origin of the sounds themselves. Very often preparation is a kind of study of the physicality of a given object. It is a transition to a microscale, or a journey deep into the wood-metal corpus. It is no different in the case of this album, although this time some space under the skin seems to pulsate creating areas where one can get lost. Given the gravity of sonic events, this space evokes an industrial or even noise like context.

released by PAWLACZ PERSKI /May 12, 2020

Music – Wojtek Traczyk
Mastering – Mateusz Wysocki
Graphic design – Lidia Wnuk