Released September 9, 2016

All songs written by Gaba Kulka, except „I Sat By the Ocean” writtten by Queens of the Stone Age, and „Lonely House” written by Kurt Weill.

Gaba Kulka – vocals, piano, wurlitzer, assorted synths, glockenspiel
Wojtek Traczyk – bass guitar, double-bass, backing vocals
Robert Rasz – drums, percussion
Wacław Zimpel – clarinets

Horn arrangements on „Miniature Life” by Kamil Urbański, on „Kruche” by Gaba Kulka, transcribed by Kamil.

Maurycy Idzikowski – trumpet
Tomasz Dworakowski – trombone
Michał Fetler – saxophones
Wacław Zimpel – clarinets
Kamil „Bocian” Karaszewski – french horn

Produced by Marcin Bors and Gaba Kulka

Drums, bass and piano recorded at Tonn Studio by Maciej Staniecki and Kszystof Tonn
Vocals and assorted sounds recorded at Fonoplastykon by Marcin Bors
Horns recorded at Quality Studio by Marcin Bors, and Piotr Szumski.
All above recording sessions assisted by Szymon Orchowski