Wojtek Traczyk is a double bass player, composer and an improvising musician, who has been exploring different music styles for many years. Through broadening the horizons he has enriched and redefined his music language, extended the scale both sonically and emotionally.
He graduated PSM im. F.Chopina in Warsaw (jazz double bass, student of Zbigniew Wegehaupt) and AM im. K.Szymanowskiego in Katowice (jazz double bass, student of Adam Kowalewski). Also studied math at UW in Warsaw, but without success…

He has played with Władysław Jagiełło, Janusz Skowron, Jim Baker, John Tilbury, Dave Rempis, Michael Zerang, Aram Shelton, Zbigniew Namysłowski, Marcin Masecki, Wacław Zimpel, Maria Peszek, Natalia Przybysz, Kari Amirian, and many others.
At present he performs mostly with: Gaba Kulka, Warszawskie Combo Taneczne, Zebry a Mit, Purusha, Warsaw Improvisers Orchestra, Śmierć i Łzy, Superhuman Like Brando, Młynarski Plays Młynarski and Maciej Ulatowski Trio.

In 2012, inspired by an interesting preparation of the double bass by Huba Połoniewicz, he recorded a solo album which was released by Multikulti.
Wojtek Traczyk Free Solo project connects the aesthetics of free jazz and modern improvisation with sacred music, both meditative and ritualistic.
It is an affirmation of order and unpredictability.
It attempts to provoke the situation in which one movement or one sound changes everything, a situation in which the state of uncertainty brings the listener to the state of peace and deep concentration.

In 2014 his second solo album was released, but this time, Traczyk presents recordings that are far from his instrumental debut. This time the avant-garde double bass player is sharing his passion for song writing, however, in this new project he retains his same old uncompromising and consistent attitude towards searching forms of musical self-expression.
„Dziękuję, Dobrze” (transl.Fine, Thanks) is a compilation of eight songs – written, sang and played by himself. Guitar, double bass, synthesizer and percussion sampler were recorded in his tiny loft space in Bielany, on a four-track analog cassette recorder.
Pieces of music vary. Some are with vocals accompanied only by an acoustic guitar, while other are instrumentally more complex lo-fi pieces you want to dance to.

In 2017 he recorded more music for prepared double bass, which is currently trying to find it’s way out of the drawer…